European Unify 2014

UNIFY is a platform for YMCAs to share and reflect on the Christian Mission of the YMCA, as stated in the Paris Basis (1855), the founding document of the YMCA:

“The Young Men’s Christian Associations seek to unite those who, regarding Jesus Christ as their God and Saviour, according to the Holy Scriptures, desire to be his disciples in their faith and in their life, and to associate their efforts for the extension of his Kingdom.”
Paris Basis

Helping people understand the transforming power of the Good News of Jesus Christ within the context of “Inclusive Christianity”, YMCA Europe’s strategic goal for 2014, the 2nd UNIFY Conference in Görlitz will explore the holistic Gospel envisioned by the founding fathers of the YMCA:

- Experiencing loving fellowship and unity with those who follow Jesus
- Serving those in need through commitment and solidarity

UNIFY 2014 aims to provide a platform for paid staff and volunteers from European YMCAs to meet together, share experiences, pray and worship, gain inspiration and discover new resources for their work, so that the YMCA is:

- More confident in its roots as a Christian ecumenical Movement
- Better able to make its Christian identity relevant to today’s young people and communities
- More responsive to the spiritual and social needs of its members and beneficiaries

13th - 16th February 2014
Görlitz, Germany